Orchard Park South Subdivision

Orchard Park South Subdivision is a 41 ha (102± acre) mixed-residential development near the southeast corner of St. Thomas, ON, owned by Springwater Developments Inc. (Hayhoe Homes). CJDL has been working on this project with the Developer since 2006 to generate a subdivision design that incorporates the Developer’s vision of the property, while conforming to recommendations outlined in the City of St Thomas’ Urban Area Expansion (UAE) series of reports. Phase 1 was designed to provide housing alternatives appealing to a variety of demographics in St. Thomas, including a mix of single family lots, semi-detached, a vacant land condominium, and an Early Learning Centre.

CJDL was involved in the Planning stages of Orchard Park South Subdivision, including preparation of Draft Plan Application, Engineering Servicing Report and coordination of sub-consultants to prepare supporting studies (EIS, Geotechnical, Archaeological, etc.).

Engineering design services provided by CJDL included a grading plan, sanitary and storm sewer design, SWM, watermain, roadwork and electrical servicing. Some specific challenges encountered during project included;

  • providing gravity sanitary sewer service for all lots in the subdivision using a sewer up to 12 m deep, requiring a shallower “stacked” sewer for individual lot services,
  • construction of a single-lane roundabout at collector street intersection (fourth roundabout in residential development by CJDL),
  • softening of rolling site topography to provide an appealing subdivision grading design while maintain overall earth balance for site, including salvaging granular material for use as engineered fill, providing suitable use of extra-depth topsoil pockets from low areas and maintaining watermain elevation in accordance with constraint value specified by the City,
  • enhancement of the 38 m wide Elgin Area Primary Water Supply System (EAPWSS) easement to partially satisfy parkland contribution requirements and to provide a multi-use trail.

Construction of Phase 1 commenced with a Grading Contract (Winter 2011), followed by a Sewer, Watermain and Roadwork Contract (Spring 2012), Electical and Utilities Contract (Summer 2012) and Curb and Gutter and Paving Contracts (Summer 2013), all for which CJDL provided construction layout, supervision and contract administration services. CJDL is also responsible for preparation and certification of Lot Development Plans and Final Grading Certificates, required by the City for the construction of each new home.

Civil Engineering Consulting Services