Port Burwell East Pier Restoration

In 2010, CJDL completed a report on the condition of the Port Burwell East Pier for the Municipality of Bayham. The report included an inventory of distresses/deficiencies on the concrete pier, and proposed rehabilitation methods and alternatives with associated cost estimates.
Municipal Council later selected/approved the preferred approach to restore the East Pier and retained CJDL to prepare the design drawings, tender the project, and provide inspection and contract administration during construction.
Construction included hydro blasting to remove deteriorating concrete fragments, significant repairs to the spalled edges of the pier, and repairs to areas experiencing surface separation due to differential settlement. Upon completion of repairs to the existing concrete structure, a bonding agent was applied to the existing deck prior to pouring a 115mm thick concrete overlay completed with wire mesh reinforcement. Construction was substantially completed in December, 2011.

Pre-Construction photos of East Pier

Construction on East Pier

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